The Unley Bicycle Users Group is organising a series of rides for those interested in the historic areas in the City of Unley. Suitable for all ages – families encouraged.

Rides are planned for the first weekend of the month with the first scheduled Saturday August 3rd. Meet in the car park behind the council offices at 9am and for those interested we will have coffee at La Scala Café at the conclusion of the ride around 10:30

If you bike has not been ridden for some time email David with your name and contact details to receive a voucher for a free bike safety check at “My Ride” on Unley road (note the safety check must be scheduled and does not include the cost of any repairs).

We will be joined on the first ride on Saturday August 3rd by Monica Broniecki councillor for the Unley Park Ward who will point out areas of interest in the Unley Park area.


image004The following information has been publicly shared by Michael Hewitson AM, Mayor for the City of Unley from David Brown – City of Unley Principal Policy Planner

Hi Michael

The attached is the information supplied to The Advertiser – 2005 is the early background survey not the latest which was in 2006-2012 and actual formalisation via a DPA in 2013/14?

  • Council undertook a broad ‘Heritage’ and ‘Character’ survey of the whole City in 2005 through Unley Urban Morphology Study and Unley Corridors and Centres Study.
  • Using the results of the study above that identified potential new places, the Unley Heritage Research Study in 2006 (updated through to 2012) provided a comprehensive evaluation of potential individual heritage places combined with a review of existing places.
  • These studies were used to inform the Local Heritage Places Development Plan Amendment given Interim Effect in January 2013 and final Authorised version January 2014 (first draft submitted to DPTI in 2010).

From initial list of approx. 190 LHP’s in 1996 the list was increased in 2013 to current approx. 350 listed places, and initial approx. 440 Contributory Items in 1992 was increased in 2008 to current 1760.


David Brown – City of Unley Principal Policy Planner


Dear Members, supporters and friends,

On behalf of FOCUS I have attempted, in The Messenger today, to refute some of the almost hysterical misinformation about the KWR upgrade.    Clearly, there are major disruptions but these have been minimised by Council’s responsible and careful approach to this necessary infrastructure project.

I walked up and down the road the other day and spoke with some of the Traders.  Their major plea was for support from the community during this difficult time.
I would urge you all to take an excursion to KWR (and you will be able to find a park adjacent to the strip), have a look at the amazing roadwork activity, and patronise the shops.    The Traders need our business, but, perhaps ,more importantly, they need a morale boost.

Yours Sincerely
Warren Jones.   President

Dear Member,

Apologies for the late notice.

I am drawing your attention to this Forum again because it could be a turning point in the Government’s realisation that it has created a directionless and destructive monster in the guise of the State Planning Commission.
There is no doubt that the confusing misinformation promulgated by the SPC hides a dangerous agenda aimed at eroding the protection of heritage buildings.
Government MPs are beginning to hear this message, and as it gets stronger, they will realise they will have to heed it or face it as a key issue in the next Election.

The Attorney General and Deputy Premier Vickie Chapman has convened a ‘Heritage Forum’ in her Electorate of Bragg.   The Panel will include Planning Minister Knoll, representatives of the SPC and the Heritage Council, along with Sandy Wilkinson, a heritage architect and community advocate.

Although this is billed as a local meeting, you are welcome to attend as long as you RSVP to…..bragg@parliament.sa.gov.au…..or….83324799

Burnside Council Civic Centre Hall
401 Greenhill Rd
Tuesday 16th July  2019 at 6 – 8 pm

Please RSVP and send questions before 12 July 2019.

You may wish to attend a:
Convened by Tony Piccolo MP
Shadow Minister for Planning, Local Government, Housing and Urban Development
With Guest Speaker Peter Malinauskas MP, Leader of the Opposition.

At the Box Factory. 59 Regent St South, Adelaide
On Monday 29th July. 2019 at 7 pm.
(RSVP – thomas.caunce@parliament.sa.gov.au by 19th July)

This will be an opportunity to raise and hear about issues around the proposed new State planning laws prom the Opposition’s perspective.    Remembering that this was all set in motion by John Rau in the previous Labor Government.


Dear Members and the wider community

Our peak hour protest on Wed 5th June. The travesty of our State planning regulations has allowed the approval of this seven storey development in Council’s designated five storey zone. Five magnificent trees will be sacrificed.

To add insult to injury, the original Application included two basement car- parking levels, the lower of which impinged on the water table.

The developer then submitted a so-called ‘variation’ to the Application involving major alterations to the original plan, a removal of the second basement and an extension of the first basement in an attempt to accommodate the shortfall in car parks.

However there will still be a deficiency in car parks of at least 12 places.
We are now faced with an overblown development, the destruction of long established trees and intolerable car parking problems in narrow adjacent streets.

How can this be allowed to happen?

Warren Jones AO. President


“I just want a yes or no!” Do Contributory Items have a place in urban renewal?
Thursday, 16 May 2019
The Box Factory Community Centre
59 Regent Street, Adelaide
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Community Alliance SA  have invited representatives from the development industry as well as heritage experts to consider this question and to explore the future of Contributory Items in urban renewal.
Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Carole Whitelock.
The evening will commence with a short presentation from the Chair of the State Planning Commission Mr Michael Lennon, who will give us an update on the Heritage and Character policy papers for the new planning system.
Panellists will include:
  • Mr Stephen Knight, CEO Housing Industry Association
  • Adjunct Professor Elizabeth Vines OAM, Heritage Architect
  • Dr Darren Peacock, CEO National Trust
  • TBA – Representative from Urban Development Institute or Property Council
The event is FREE and will include complimentary refreshments.
Please RSVP for catering purposes to Tom Matthews on 0429 337 453 or email sa.community.alliance@gmail.com
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