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Dear Members and the wider community

Our peak hour protest on Wed 5th June. The travesty of our State planning regulations has allowed the approval of this seven storey development in Council’s designated five storey zone. Five magnificent trees will be sacrificed.

To add insult to injury, the original Application included two basement car- parking levels, the lower of which impinged on the water table.

The developer then submitted a so-called ‘variation’ to the Application involving major alterations to the original plan, a removal of the second basement and an extension of the first basement in an attempt to accommodate the shortfall in car parks.

However there will still be a deficiency in car parks of at least 12 places.
We are now faced with an overblown development, the destruction of long established trees and intolerable car parking problems in narrow adjacent streets.

How can this be allowed to happen?

Warren Jones AO. President


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Hi Everyone

You have received this email because you are either a:

  • City of Unley Councillor
  • SOS Unley Village Green Inc member
  • or a member of the City of Unley community known to me.

Some of you would be aware that I’m a member of the SOS Unley Village Green Inc (SOS). 

While the Unley Village Green has been saved from residential development, SOS recognises there is an opportunity to consider how the area can best be enjoyed by current and future residents of Unley. As a community based group we would value your opinion on possible improvements (if any) to the Unley Village Green. We invite you to share your opinions on what you would and would not support, by completing this survey, https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/unleyvillagegreen.

Information from the survey will allow SOS to collate some community based data to present to the City of Unley Council.  Our aim is for the City of Unley Council to consider drafting and approving a management plan for this area, with sustained funding, by the Council for the years ahead for the agreed improvements.

The survey is anonymous, however the outcomes will be shared with the SOS committee and will be used in a submission to the City of Unley Council.

Many of you have friends, family, neighbours, who live in the local government area of the City of Unley. Please share the survey web link, https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/unleyvillagegreen so they too can express their views.

In addition I’m aware that many elected Councillors have community distribution links and blogs which reach out to the City of Unley residents and constituents. I/We invite you to share the survey web link, https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/unleyvillagegreen so there is an opportunity for the community to have a voice in this valued community recourse.

Thank you in anticipation.


Peter Simmonds

(The survey has been approved by the chairperson of SOS Unley Village Green Inc, Robert Freak.)


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Dear members and friends,

FOCUS has received several messages of disappointment with the content of the Deputation we made to Council last Monday night. We provide the following information for the information of members. 

For those who were not present, we want to let you know that Council will hold a Special meeting tonight – Thursday – at 7 00 pm to make Final decisions on the DPA for Unley Central. 

Immediately prior to Monday night’s meeting, various members of FOCUS’ committee held a number of meetings and lengthy phone calls with individual councillors. From these we formed a firm view that it was unwise to continue to hold out for a height limit of 5 storeys West of Unley road. Partly because the view was expressed that the Minister was unlikely to accept such a low level, and might remove all further consideration of the DPA and undertake it himself which the legislation enables him to do.

We were advised that a number of Councillors would reject calls for 5 storeys.

But also because we understood and this has since been confirmed that existing State Government policy allows any proposed development with an estimated cost of over $3 million can be referred by the developer to the Controller – General, and the decision to approve the development or not is then given to the Development Assessment Commission. Council would have no say.

Now, $3 million is a very small amount when significant buildings are being designed. So the FOCUS Committee formed the view that to hold out for a limit of 5 storeys would, in practical terms, be of little point

So FOCUS stated on Monday night that we would not oppose 9 storeys, although we greatly preferred a limit of 7 storeys. We did not support 9. Nor agree with it. But in order to focus attention on the critical need to preserve the Village Green, Memorial Gardens, Mornington House and other heritage buildings in DPA zone we decided to reduce our demands for the large sites on Western Side of Unley Rd which we cannot control but will try to influence decisions made and support residents. 

Lastly, we want to say to FOCUS members, and to the wider community, as respectfully and sensitively as we can, that yes, most of the 295 submissions to the review of the DPA were opposed to ”high rise development” in the centre Zone.  

But that is not the only issue that Council will take note of when reaching decisions tomorrow night. Many people present on Monday night clearly felt very strongly that if the community says, “you must not allow high-rise”, then the Council must give effect to that view. As one person said, “you are our voice, this is what we want you to say’.

But, having followed the issues of heritage protection and character in our City over many, many years, FOCUS expects that Council will also be thinking about:-

  1. The Minister’s intent to achieve more dense development in centre zones across Adelaide. And his ability to take his own decisions if communities don’t offer ideas which are somewhat akin to his.
  2. Council has for many years had an intent, maybe not a policy, but a keen interest in achieving “redevelopment of opportunities” in the Centre Zone
  3. The concessions made by Government in the past in granting very important protection about demolition and new building design in the Historic precincts of Unley – these remain in place today – and an understanding that more dense development might be permitted in other parts of the City in future years.

We see the protection of the Village Green “block” as absolutely paramount. Your Committee believes that the position it took to Monday night’s meeting offers the best prospect of getting decisions to achieve this at tomorrow night’s meeting. A key plank of our position is that the “Block” should be totally excised, that is, removed from the DPA process completely.

Thank you for your support and I hope this email helps you understand our position.
Please contact me on 0438723001 if you would like to discuss any of these issues.

Yours faithfully

Ros Islip

President FOCUS

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Shaping the Future of Unley –

The draft Development Plan for the Unley Central Precinct is being significantly revised following public feedback.


Be informed – attend Council’s Public Meeting when Elected Members (only) participate in a workshop session on revisions to the Plan.

After this meeting make sure your Councillors know your views before the Development Plan is finalised! [Further meetings 14 & 27 March]

When: Monday 6 March 2017
Where: Unley Civic Centre, Oxford Terrace, Unley

Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Contact: Ros Islip-0438723001 Warren Jones–0419852622
RSVP: by email or telephone by 3 March 2017

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From Shaping the Future of the Unley Precinct (PDF, 7 Mb)


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Dear Unley Resident,

Development in the City of Unley is regulated by your Council’s Development Plan which is currently being amended to better align with the State Government’s 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide. This alignment is a statutory requirement for your Council. The proposed amendments are significant with height limits increased for multi-story developments on Unley and Greenhill Roads. Comments on the proposed amendments are now being sought from the Unley community.

The information brochure attached very briefly outlines the changes many of which have the potential to affect the amenity of residential living. A more detailed Fact Sheet [29 pages] is available from the Council Office. The full plan [89 pages] and the Investigation supporting the plan [85 pages] can be viewed on Council’s website www.unley.sa.gov.au or at the Council Office and Libraries. Now is the time to comment on the Development Plan Amendment. Council is running two information sessions for residents. FOCUS encourages you to attend one of the sessions but your written submission must be lodged no later than 22 February. It is better to have your say now and possibly influence the Amendment to the Development Plan, rather than later!

To further help your understanding of the Development Plan, FOCUS has arranged a special Briefing by David Brown, Unley’s Principal Policy Planner. See flyer overleaf for details. This briefing meeting also provides the opportunity to hear the views of other residents before you lodge your submission with Council.

FOCUS was formed to be a voice for preserving the historical character of Unley. FOCUS is not against development but rather would encourage good development without detracting from Unley’s charm.

We hope to see you at the Briefing on 7 February. Yours sincerely

Ros Islip
President, Friends of City of Unley Society

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Please find following the public notification for the Main Road Corridors & Mixed Use & Residential Vitalisation Development Plan Amendment. Click on the image for a larger copy.

Consultation notification from the City of Unley for the Main Road Corridors & Mixed Use & Residential Vitalisation Development Plan Amendment

Consultation notification from the City of Unley for the Main Road Corridors & Mixed Use & Residential Vitalisation Development Plan Amendment

You can also view the City of Unley consultation web page and link to the plan at the following link


The Development Plan Amendment (DPA) is part of a coordinated Inner Metropolitan Growth Project with the State Government and a key response to the strategies and growth targets of The 30-year Plan for Greater Adelaide. The DPA is a part of Councils program to address required growth by implementing change to achieve a diverse and sustainable community into the future while maintaining the intrinsic character of the City.

The City of Unley is seeking your comments on the proposed DPA to the Unley (City) Development Plan.

Policy amendments in the DPA affect the zoning and intensity of development for the main road corridors and centres in the City ofUnley. This Stage involves priority areas where the development market has indicated demand. Investigations supported the selection of Greenhill Road and Unley Road main street areas to apply the proposed Urban Corridor Zone (refer to the Affected Area Map).

Your views are important even if you are not directly affected, as this is part of a program to review the planning and zoning policies for all of the main road corridors in the City.

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The City of Unley has called for expressions of interest for Independent members for the City of Unley Development Assessment Panel, for December 2012 to November 2014. An image of the advertisement is below.Image

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