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Dear Members and the wider community

Our peak hour protest on Wed 5th June. The travesty of our State planning regulations has allowed the approval of this seven storey development in Council’s designated five storey zone. Five magnificent trees will be sacrificed.

To add insult to injury, the original Application included two basement car- parking levels, the lower of which impinged on the water table.

The developer then submitted a so-called ‘variation’ to the Application involving major alterations to the original plan, a removal of the second basement and an extension of the first basement in an attempt to accommodate the shortfall in car parks.

However there will still be a deficiency in car parks of at least 12 places.
We are now faced with an overblown development, the destruction of long established trees and intolerable car parking problems in narrow adjacent streets.

How can this be allowed to happen?

Warren Jones AO. President


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Courtesy of Heritage Watch 

The State Government has released a discussion paper on local heritage protection without so much as a news release to explain its intention or the process for public consultation on the radical and local-heritage-demolitiondamaging ‘reforms’ to our State’s heritage protection system it proposes.  As reported in the media, the Government’s paper and rushed approach to public consultation, has already raised great concern.  The National Trust is calling for an open and comprehensive public debate on the future of local heritage protection.

Indaily report 28 August: Government proposal to demolish local heritage system

Advertiser 23 August

After repeatedly promising to consult the community about proposed changes to heritage protection under the Government’s new planning laws, the discussion paper appeared without warning in late August, with those who received it given just a few weeks to respond to the many far reaching proposals contained within.

The paper was published on the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure website.  Posing as the result of the earlier consultation on the Government’s planning reforms, the paper is full of assertions and arguments unsupported by evidence and  includes a number ideas which would destroy the heritage protections developed over 40 years.

Our system of local heritage protection, designed to give communities a say in what is protected, has generally served South Australia well despite the Government’s failure to implement its provisions effectively or in line with community expectations.  The Government is using its own administrative failures as an argument to dismantle our local heritage protection system and to centralise all decision making under the Department and Minister who have repeatedly failed to act on hundreds of recommendations for local heritage protection from local councils and communities.

South Australia has generally had an effective heritage protection system since the late 1970s, which has saved many of our most unique and treasured places from neglect or destruction. A few narrow vested interests have persistently sought to diminish our local heritage protection and it is these voices who speak loudest in the Government’s paper.

What the Government is proposing will:

  • Make it harder to list local heritage places
  • Exclude the community and local councils from decision making
  • Make it easier to demolish places that are listed
  • Remove heritage protection from thousands of properties listed as contributory items or in heritage conservation zones
  • Centralise all heritage protection in the State Government planning department.

You can download the Government’s Discussion Paper here and see for yourself

Local Heritage Discussion Paper final consultation version Aug 2016

The National Trust has prepared an initial response entitled Heritage Under Threat which you can download here  Heritage Under Threat

Please take the time to read Heritage Under Threat and find out what is at risk if the government proceeds with these dangerous and unnecessary changes.

Take our survey to share your views about the Government’s proposals here:


Share this page with others and speak to people in your community.  Dozens of community organisations are already questioning the Government’s approach and its failure to set up a proper public consultation on the radical proposals it now advocates.

We need to ensure that the Government and Planning Minister John Rau listen to communities when we say we want our local heritage protected.

You can also share your thoughts and favorite local heritage places on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/loveyourlocalheritage or in the comments section below.

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Friends of the City of Unley Society Inc. (FOCUS) was formed by residents concerned about preserving the historic character and heritage of the City of Unley.

This proposed development currently is out of character for Unley.
FOCUS is not against urban infill in Unley but it needs to be done very carefully to keep the character of the area and to maintain the amenities residents presently have. All changes need to be sensitively addressed to minimise the impact on the environment.

FOCUS wishes to register its concerns about the proposed 244-248 Unley Road Redevelopment.

FOCUS has the following concerns:

  • The proposal is to construct a 7 storey building, while the policy guideline is 5 storeys, this does not comply with the policy provisions of the zone. After much consultation the Council and community agreed on this and it was signed off by the Government. Were the Development Assessment Commission to pass this proposal it shows complete contempt for the Council and community.
    What is the point of Regulations if they are completely ignored?
  • There is no setback of the upper levels while policy proposes a 3 metre setback. FOCUS supports a 3 metre setback on Unley Road and also Opey Avenue which would enable the trees to be saved which the arborist reports are healthy. This would provide an attractive entrance to the development.
  • There is a shortfall of on-site parking which needs to be addressed.
  • Traffic management needs to be addressed as currently Unley Road has issues and in Opey Avenue and Hart Street it is impossible to pass when there are cars parked on either side of the street.
  • There is no plan to manage traffic and parking during the construction phase of the development.
  • The removal of 2 regulated and 1 significant trees,
  • The trees identified as street trees are unsuitable for shade and the scale of the building. A large tree could be planted in the centre of the building
    There is no planned increase in infrastructure in Unley, ie kindergarten and schools are at capacity now. During peak hour buses on Unley Road at Unley frequently don’t stop as they are full.
  • No buffer is provided between the development and the residential zone to the west in accordance with Unley’s Development Plan.
  • There is a lack of open space in Unley which is the lowest in suburban Adelaide at less than 3%. This proposal has the opportunity to give back some open space by setting the building back from the Unley Road boundary. If a seven storey development is ultimately permitted this extra open space would be a good trade off.
  • There is evidence to demonstrate health risks of living on main roads.

FOCUS commends the proposed development if the above issues were addressed as there are some positive aspects to it.

  • There is only 40% coverage of site.
  • The planned town houses on Western boundary are 2 storeys.
  • The 30% angle at the rear of the site.
  • The provision of 82 bicycle parks.
  • The architects have been prepared to meet residents from the community and discuss their concerns.

FOCUS recommends that there is further discussion with residents, local business owners and Unley Council as this is the first proposal for a large apartment building for Unley Road. It is important that it complies with the policy provisions for the zone and sets a high standard of design.

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Court saves heritage home


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The Unley Development register for December 2013 is out now! Please click on one of the tabs in the link below to see the map of development applications or a summary by ward



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NEW buildings might overshadow an historic Parkside property, residents fear.

The heritage-listed Carramar Clinic and surrounding grounds, on Greenhill Rd, are for sale.

Agents Jones Lang Laselle are marketing it as a “CBD-fringe development site” in line with the State Government’s 30-Year Plan.

Carramar Clinic has been on the heritage register since 1989.

Unley Council has said while commercial development may be approved for the grounds, the building itself would be protected.

“The heritage building must be retained, its integrity maintained and an appropriate setting or context provided within any new development,” a spokesman said.

Friends of the City of Unley Society president Ros Islip said community consultation was needed to protect the heritage building.

“There are ways of having additions on heritage buildings that don’t compromise the neighbourhood.” she said.

“Suggestions (for development) should be discussed with the community.”

SA Health owns the property and surrounding land and says the new owner would have to comply with heritage legislation.

No proposals or applications for the property have so far been received by the council.

Unley Liberal MP David Pisoni said he feared new development on the site would lead to the demolition of an “iconic piece of South Australian history”.

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