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  • David Pisoni MP SA Liberal Party
  • John Wishart The GREENS SA
  • Candidate to be advised SA Labor Party
  • Candidate to be advised SA Best
  • Candidate to be advised Dignity PARTY

Here is an opportunity to hear from each of them as they address some key issues relevant to the Electorate of Unley on Local Heritage, the Assessment of Development Proposals and the Greening of our City. There will be opportunity for questions from the floor.

When: Tuesday 27 February 2018

Where: Unley Park Sports Club, 8 Northgate St, Unley Park. Wheelchair accessible venue

Time: 7:30pm

Contact: Ros Islip 0438723001 or Warren Jones 0419852622


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When: Thursday 16 October 2014
Where: Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur St, Unley
Time: 7:30pm

FOCUS has invited all the candidates in the five Unley wards being contested to attend our community meeting. This is your chance to hear:

  • Why they have nominated
  • Their views on heritage and planning issues pertinent to Unley.

It is hoped they will all attend.

Following the presentations meet with Candidates over a light supper.

Gold coin admission.

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 Tuesday 18th February 2014 at the Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur St. at 7.30pm

Welcome from the President Ros Islip.

 Introduction of the Candidates (in alphabetical order) who will be invited to introduce themselves and address the questions on notice from the FOCUS Committee.

Joanne Blesing Dignity for Disability, Lara Golding Labor , Nicole Mortier Greens, Hon David Pisoni Liberal.

  1. Given local councils give voice to local community issues what is your position about preserving local government powers.
  2. What is your position on the regulation passed on the last day of sitting in the state parliament last year which stripped local government of the power to assess development applications for buildings over 4 stories.
  3. What is your position about making the ICAC more transparent as suggested by the Commissioner.
  4. What is your position about passing state legislation to ban political donations from property developers following the NSW model.
  5. What is your position in relation to the preservation of character & heritage in the City of Unley & the Adelaide Parklands; in particular can you comment on the future for main roads in the area such as Unley, Goodward, Glen Osmond & Greenhill Roads.

The 4 candidates will be given 10 minutes each to introduce themselves & answer the above.

Question time of 15-20 minutes from the audience will follow.

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Find out how the election will affect the built character of the City of Unley.

A free information evening for voters in the seat of Unley by FOCUS (Friends of the City of Unley Society Inc)

The 4 candidates are

  • Joanne Blesing, Dignity for Disability
  • Nicki Mortier, Greens
  • Lara Golding, Labor
  • David Pisoni, Liberal

Tuesday 18th February at 7.30pm in the Unley Community Centre,18 Arthur St Unley.

Details 8271 5686

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2010 Election Unley Candidate Responses

Responses are back in from the Candidates in the 2010 Local Government elections, the details of which are outlined in our previous blog post. We have listed each of the candidates below, and put a link after their name if there is a response from them, with a copy of their response. Each of the responses are verbatim from the Candidate, and are as a PDF file. Please contact us on focusonunley@yahoo.com.au if you have any problems viewing the files.

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We just sent off our regular Local Government Election Questionnaire to all of the candidates. We expect answers back and up on this website in a week’s time, plus there will be an advertisement in the Messenger to bring people’s attention to them.

Dear Candidate,

The Friends of the City of Unley Society, Inc, conducts a survey of candidates during each Local Government Election. This survey asks questions relating to your views and principles relating to the main concerns of our society, namely the preservation and enhancement of the Character and Heritage of the City of Unley.

We are pleased to attach the survey for this election. We apologise for the short time frame but would like the answers back in a week by the 25th of October.

As is usual, we will be distributing the survey results to our members by placing them on our website at http://focusonunley.org, so that they can make an informed decision on the results.

The results will be posted verbatim on our website, and we will not be able to engage in discussion with you on the details of the survey for reasons of impartiality

We thank you greatly for your time and look forward to your response

With thanks

Friends of the City of Unley Society, Inc

A copy of the questionnaire is attached in PDF format at the following link FOCUS Candidate Questions 20101015

The candidates contacted are as follows

  • Mayor
    • Lachlan Clyne
    • Les Birch
    • Mark Brindal
  • Fullarton
    • Anthony Lapidge
    • Joan Reed
    • Peter Hughes
    • Rosemary Miller
  • Goodwood
    • Bob Schnell
    • Denise Tipper
    • Heather Brown
  • Goodwood South
    • Don Palmer
    • Jennie Boisvert
    • Joe Young
  • Parkside
    • John Koumi
    • Mike Hudson
    • Rod Harvey
    • Theodora Cherry
  • Unley
    • James Morris
    • Michael Hewitson
    • Paul MACCHIA
    • Rufus Salaman
  • Unley Park
    • Michael Bowen
    • Michael Saies
    • Rob Sangster

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