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Sensible Idea

From The Sunday Mail. 13/10/19
Now, this is a sensible idea. It is a viable alternative to the ugly, developer-driven, demolition-dependent, infill progressively polluting out suburbs.




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South Australians show their anger.


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IMG_7586.jpgHere is the hard copy of the Planning and Design Code released on Friday 4th October. Quite apart from it being internally inconsistent with a parallel electronic version, incomplete, confusing , inaccessible and riddled with errors, its size is ‘impressive’. It comprises 3000 pages in five volumes , weighing 7.5 Kg….comparable to a large turkey. It purports to replace 23,000 pages of current development plans across the State.

However it really, effectively, replaces individual development plans for each of 72 areas in the State. These currently average around 400 pages each compared to 23,000……..that is, there are seven times more pages in the new Code.

Warren Jones – FOCUS President

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(The Advertiser 5/10/19)
Unley residents will recognise this story which was also played out at 248 Unley Rd where an Application ‘variation’ turned out to be a complete re-vamp of the plan…..
Removal of a basement car park level, extending the commercial space area and raising the building height.

All of this sanctioned by the State Planning Commission and its ‘hit team’ on the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP).IMG_7566.jpg

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This two storey (or is it three) monstrosity comprises a seven Unit development squeezed onto what was one residential block. The building goes right to the edge of the footpaths with no trees, no greening and no open space.

This has happened under the watchful eye of SCAP and the State Planning Commission which would now have us believe that, under the new Planning and Design Code, they will promote eco-sensitive infill and ‘affordable’ residential development.img_7560.png
Who do they think they are kidding? These Units will cost around $800K.
This Culross Ave / Fullarton Rd eyesore is one of several developments in train or planned to spread up and down Fullarton Rd like a malignant growth.

The Protect our Heritage Alliance and the Friends of the City of Unley Inc (FOCUS) are mounting a Demonstration against UGLY INFILL at the Culross/Fullarton Corner on Wednesday 9th October at 7.30 am ( to 9.00am).

Bring your signs and banners and join us.

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P1011212.JPGIn a recent Discussion Paper, the State Planning Commission (SPC) professes to promote urban infill for new development accompanied by trees, greening and open space.
However on Saturday 21st September, at a corner block on Unley Rd, we saw the destruction of five beautiful mature trees, sanctioned by the SPC, to make way for a seven storey development in a five storey Council zone.

A development with no trees, no greening and no open space; with inadequate parking, and creating traffic problems in a narrow side street.

The final emphasis in the Government’s hypocritical new Planning and Design Code will weigh heavily on the side of developers, rather than that of local communities and their lived amenity.

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FOCUS at Fullarton Market

FOCUS hosted the Protect our Heritage Alliance and the National Trust of SA in a Stall at the monthly Fullarton Market on Saturday 28th September. There was a palpable level of concern and anger in the Market community over the Government’s proposed centralised control of planning, development and heritage. The infill development monstrosity dominating the footpath opposite the Market on Fullarton Rd was a stark warning of a future in the hands of a State Planning Commission and Government beholden to the building and development industry.


Leaflets were distributed, petitions were signed and the public learnt more about the looming threats to our built and natural heritage.

Well done Dian and Eddie Naraniecki and other FOCUS Committee members and supporters….. a valuable and effective exercise.

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