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Renewal SA invites you to share your views on the draft Master Plan developed for the former Le Cornu site at Forestville. Visit https://renewalsa.sa.gov.au/projects/forestville to find ways to provide your feedback and subscribe for project updates. Feedback can be submitted online until Sunday, 11 December.


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2022 Council Elections declared

FOCUS would like to congratulate the following who have been elected* in the 2022 Local Government Elections for the City of Unley.


  • UNLEY WARD – Stephen FINOS and Jane RUSSO
  • PARKSIDE WARD – Jennifer BONHAM and Luke DOYLE
  • GOODWOOD WARD – Georgie HART and Chris CRABBE

FOCUS looks forward to engaging with these elected community representatives both individually and collectively in the coming period.

We also thank those members retiring and those unsuccessful in being re-elected.

* https://www.unley.sa.gov.au/…/About…/Councillors-wards

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Dear Members and Supporters of FOCUS

You are invited to the next FOCUS Public Meeting



Tuesday 8th November 2022

Unley Community Centre

18 Arthur Street Unley


Guest Speaker: Ben Willsmore

Manager, City Design at the City of Unley Council.

Ben leads a team that is responsible for the planning, design and implementation of transport, environmental, landscape architecture and urban design initiatives across Unley Council area. Ben will be joined by Ed Scanlon, Manager Economic Development and Strategic Projects.

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FOCUS makes a submission to the Minister for Planning associated with of a proposed Code Amendment, to rezone the land for 79-85 Mary Street, 58 Arthur Street and 62 Arthur Street Unley by Arthur and Mary Street Pty Ltd – the Designated Entity responsible for the preparation of the Code Amendment.

Given the history of this site, FOCUS is supportive of creating a sympathetic in-fill residential development and is not opposed to the rezoning of this land for residential use, with the following caveats; … Please open the submission to read the submission in full.

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Update Mary and Arthur Street

Some follow up on the Mary and Arthur Street, Unley Code Amendment. 

In one of the report documents it states that “it has been assumed that the rezoning of the Affected Area and subsequent redevelopment could result in the creation of approximately 30 residential allotments (and dwellings).”

The report documents are quite large and we don’t wish to clutter you with information. Attached is one the Historical area context for member interest.

Other documents include;

  • Code Amendment (PDF, 6393 KB)
  • Attachment E1 Transport investigations report (PDF, 488 KB)
  • Attachment E2 Arborist assessment (PDF, 2662 KB)
  • Attachment E3 Historical area context (PDF, 1812 KB)
  • Attachment E4 Infrastructure services assessment (PDF, 4967 KB)
  • Attachment E5 Preliminary site investigations (PDF, 29703 KB)
  • Engagement Plan (PDF, 1012 KB)

All of thse documents can be found at https://plan.sa.gov.au/have_your_say/code_amendments

On the side bar you will see “On consultation” and if you click or scroll down the page you will see

Mary and Arthur Street, Unley Code Amendment 

Summary of the Code Amendment

Designated Entity:

Mary and Arthur Street Pty Ltd

Contact Details:

Taylah Slattery, URPS

T: (08) 8333 7999

E: feedback@codeamendments.com.au


The Proponent (Mary and Arthur Street Pty Ltd) is seeking to rezone 1.14 hectares of land at 79-85 Mary Street, Unley, 58 Arthur Street, Unley and 62 Arthur Street, Unley (Affected Area) from the Established Neighbourhood Zone to the Housing Diversity Neighbourhood Zone. The Affected Area has a frontage to both Arthur and Mary Street and currently accommodates a place of worship and associated car parking which has since been abandoned and become derelict. The Area Affected also includes two residential allotments facing Arthur Street.

The Affected Area is recognised to have strategic value for housing development given its size, strategic location close to community services and infrastructure, capacity to manage development impacts on-site and recognition that the land is no longer required for its previous purpose. It is envisaged that the zoning will support low to medium density residential development including public open space, protection of existing significant trees, and a new access road that will minimise impacts on surrounding residential areas.

Consultation period:

Consultation begins: 12 September 2022

Consultation ends: 5:00 pm, 24 October 2022

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Mary and Arthur Street Proposed Code Amendment

FOCUS has received an opportunity to provide comment, through a community consultation process, associated with the Minister for Planning to allow Mary and Arthur Street Pty Ltd (the landowner) to investigate changes to the Planning and Design Code (the Code) for 79-85 Mary Street, 58 Arthur Street and 62 Arthur Street, Unley (previous used as a Telstra base).

As you may be aware this is a significant parcel of land within the City of Unley. It has been a contentious opportunity for developers to undertake a renewal project in the northern half of the City of Unley.

We have spoken with the consultant associated with the landowner, Mary and Arthur Street Pty Ltd, to share this information to members, so that if you wish to make a personal comment or submission to the Minister on the Proposed Code Amendment – Mary and Arthur Street, Unley via Planning SA, you should do so. 

It is the view of the FOCUS committee that we invite you to do so.  If you do send such a submission the committee would ask that you send a copy to us via focusonunley@gmail.com, so where appropriate the FOCUS submission could include membership thoughts on having this land re-zoned.

Formal consultation on the proposal closes 5pm Monday 24 October 2022.

We would ask that any specific questions be directed to Taylah Slattery, URPS Consultant on 08 8333 7999 or tslattery@urps.com.au and not FOCUS.

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2022 AGM feedback to members

Thank you to all the members who were able to attend on the 13th September. 36 people attended including the City of Unley Mayor and 4 Councillors and 13 sent apologies.  

It was an important meeting as the future of FOCUS was robustly discussed with a range of views expressed.  These ranged from winding up FOCUS or keeping it in a state of hibernation involving few public meetings but ready to act if a major issue in Unley arose.  

Some members pointed out FOCUS activities have not impacted on any of the major developments in Unley recently for example, building of two seven storey apartment buildings in an area designated in the Unley development plan for 5 stories, the failure to have Culross Avenue Highgate designated as a living street arising out of the crowded high rise on the street entrance.  Other members highlighted the positive impacts of FOCUS activities in Unley including supporting other action groups with financial and networking advice.  

The elected Council members of the City of Unley collectively stated FOCUS is an important communication tool for them to understand the views of the community.  

Other members proposed FOCUS as an organised and respected community group. FOCUS can and must provide some pushback to the current Planning and Development Act which has disenfranchised citizens and local government.  

There was discussion about the importance of FOCUS using social media as a tool to reach new arrivals and younger members of the community.  Joint meetings and activities with other resident groups were discussed.  There was general agreement FOCUS needs to continue with a review of the forms of its public activities.

New office bearers were elected.

  • President – Mary Rumbold
  • Vice president position – vacant
  • Treasurer – Dian Naraniecki 
  • Membership Secretary – Peter Simmonds
  • Minute Secretary and Public officer – Rosalie McCarthy
  • Committee member – Anne Wharton

New committee members are welcome and can join immediately.

The meeting passed the following motions:

  • that the elected committee develop a position paper for members in the next 12 months to consider the strategic direction of FOCUS. This paper to be presented to membership prior to the 2022-23 AGM.
  • that the Committee draw up a calendar of meetings appropriate to both the availability of speakers and the availability of the Committee to manage such activities.

Mary Rumbold – President – Friends of the City of Unley Society, Inc, (FOCUS)

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Protecting valued built and natural heritage in the City of Unley

In view of the upcoming elections in South Australia, FOCUS (Friends of the City of Unley Society Inc) is seeking candidates’ views about protecting our historic built heritage and a green urban environment. Your responses will be circulated to our membership as well as other community groups. We request that you complete this questionnaire, which is being sent to all candidates in the City of Unley.

Please provide up to 3 paragraphs in response to each question and

RETURN BY 28th FEBRUARY by email to focusonunley@gmail.com.

  1. FOCUS is concerned that our built and natural heritage is under assault in this state, not just in Unley but also further afield, with examples such as Ayers House, Martindale Hall and the Parklands under threat. It appears that residential and commercial buildings which chronicle our history, and are much valued by residents, are no longer valued by government and the development industry.
    • What specific legislative changes will you pursue to restore/improve heritage protection in SA?
    • What is the most significant change you would like to see made to the current SA planning legislation?
  2. Implementation of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (PDI) Act 2016
    and Planning & Design Code has removed legislative protection for much of the older stone and brick housing stock in Unley. For example, items which were previously considered ‘contributory items’ can now more easily be demolished, accelerating the loss of valued character and buildings MORE…

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…revealed in Parliamentary Committee Report

Dear Supporter and Concerned Member of the Community,

In April 2020, a 14,000 signature Petition was presented to the Legislative Council by Hon Mark Parnell MLC on behalf of the Protect our Heritage Alliance.   The Petition raised concerns about the content and implementation of the Planning Development and Infrastructure Act (PDI Act) and the Planning and Design Code (PDC) and requested independent reviews of their impacts, public accountability, risk assessment and governance.  

The recently released Report on this Petition by the parliamentary Legislative Review Committee (LRC) examined in depth and detail the many flaws and undesirable impacts of the new planning ‘reforms’ and made 14 strong recommendations for regulatory and legislative change.

The major recommendations are:

·        Improved public engagement processes in proposed revisions and changes in the PDC.

·        Amendments to the PDI Act to require an annual independent risk assessment to be monitored by the Environment, Resources and Development Committee (ERDC) and reported to both Houses of Parliament.

·        An independent review by an Expert Panel or the ERDC of the impacts on planning policies, community rights, sustainability and the environment of the PDI Act and the PDC, with the resulting report to be tabled in both Houses of Parliament in 2022.

·        A parliamentary committee to enquire into the anomalous use of the Planning and Development (Open Space) Fund to support the implementation of the PDC and its ePlanning system.

·        Further, that the PDI Act be amended to restrict the use of the Planning and Development Fund and the Urban Tree Canopy Off-set Fund to creating and developing open and green space.

·        Prioritised implementation of each of the recommendations of the ERDC Inquiry into Heritage Reform  (2019).

·        That the current Heritage Reform Advisory Panel:  increase local Council input; review and advise on the impact of the PDC on demolition controls for heritage assets; and examine whether the PDC affords adequate protection for ‘Representative Buildings’ and neighbourhood character.

·        That the Statutory Authorities Review Committee enquire into the governance of the State Planning Commission and the State Commission Assessment Panel.

Warren Jones 
Convenor, Protect our Heritage Alliance

The Government and the Parliament must now respond to the substantive findings and recommendations of the LRC and correct the many damaging flaws and anomalies in the new planning processes. 
You can download the whole report here (Beware: 178MB file)

Thank you to those of you who supported the petition.  You have made an impact.  Now we can start to fix the mess created by the new planning system before too much more damage occurs.

Fix the mess- Real planning ‘reform’ now

Ask your local MP what they are going to do about the Legislative Council’s recommendations on planning reform.Contact your State MP

Professor Warren Jones AO is the Convenor of the Protect our Heritage Alliance, a coalition of concerned organisations and individuals, working to protect our built and natural environment.   GPO Box 2021 Adelaide, SA 5001

Phone: 0419 852 622  Email: convenor@protectourheritage.org.au

www.protectourheritage.org.au       Facebook: protectourheritageSA

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Investing in walking and cycling

FOCUS Community Meeting

Tuesday 16 November 2021

Guest Speaker: Jennifer Bonham
Investing in walking and cycling:
Why it matters for inner suburban neighbourhoods

Jennifer Bonham is an expert in the social and cultural dimensions of urban transport. Her research ranges across community and public transport, travel behaviour-change programs, and mobility at different stages of the life course. For the past 17 years, Jennifer has focused on active travel and she is internationally recognised for her research on cycling. Jennifer has worked as a consultant on local government transport and infrastructure projects and recently moved from the University of Adelaide to an adjunct research role at the University of South Australia.

A presentation not to be missed!

Question and answer session to follow the presentation.

Unley Community Centre
18 Arthur Street Unley

A short FOCUS Meeting will follow the presentation.

Due to Covid restrictions we are limited to 43 attendees; we will advise if there are changes.
Please remember to wear a mask, unless restrictions have been lifted.

Please RSVP by 12th November to:

Philip Henschke: (President) 0416 160 493 or Mary Rumbold (Secretary) 0450 434 167

Due to Covid Restrictions drinks only will be provided following the presentation.

PLEASE remember to pay your FOCUS fees ($20) if you have not already done so. Thank you
• At the meeting
• EFT payment BSB 065126 A/c No. 10142849. Please mark as FOCUS Fees and your name
• Or make cheque payable to FOCUS (PO Box 172. Fullarton.5063)

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