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Ben Willsmore, Manager City Design for the City of Unley, has provided the following update for the Village Green Cottages re-development.

“We are pleased to advise that the redevelopment of the Edmund Avenue Cottages is approaching completion, and we are targeting bringing down all site fences by the end of November. From early November, Little City, the tenants for the co-working cottages will start to move in and most of the paving and landscape treatments to the Village Green will be complete. The remainder of works, including access to the new public toilets, reinstatement of the Edmund Avenue landscaping and improvements to Rugby Street frontages are expected to be completed by the end of November.

The Council is pleased the works can be completed and the Village Green returned to the community before the end of the year. Council has worked closely with the builder to minimise the impacts of COVID, regarding supply of materials and wet weather, to ensure the building works can be delivered in a timely manner.”


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FOCUS YEAR 2014-2015

The principal goal of FOCUS is to preserve the heritage and character of Unley, and despite all the efforts of FOCUS, other heritage groups and Council, the State Government continues to introduce legislative changes that ignore the Unley Development Plan and encourages the destruction of the heritage and character of Unley.

The 2014 Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 16th September 2014 featured Mr Peter Wells, the Principal Conservation Architect in the State Heritage Unit. Peter provided an informative lecture including photographs to demonstrate the unique architectural styles that dominate the streets of Unley. He also provided an insight into what constitutes the State and Local Heritage Places.

On Thursday 6th October 2014 FOCUS chaired an open meeting to “Meet the Candidates” for the Unley Council Elections. Mr Joe Haslam very ably chaired the session and candidates were provided with questions to prepare their answers. It is disappointing that many of the unsuccessful candidates have not remained involved in local issues.

The February Meeting was deferred to Tuesday10/3/15 when Mr Lee Anderson, the Technical Officer _ Arboricultural for the City of Unley gave a very interesting presentation on the trees and Council’s Vegetation Policy.

Some key points made included:

  • Unley covers 14 square kilometres with less than 3% open space.
  • There are 26,000 trees in Unley, 23,000 are street trees.
  • In 2009 when the last study of the age of the street trees — 40% were classed as veteran, mature or semi mature.
  • State Government Legislation changed in November 2011 making it easier to remove regulated trees on private property.

The July Meeting featured David Pisoni and Steven Griffiths from the Liberal Party, and Mark Parnell representing the Greens responding to the approval of the Cremorne Plaza Redevelopment by the Development Assessment Commission. FOCUS deplores the fact that this Development does not comply with the Unley Planning Policy and sets a dangerous precedent.

Warren Jones chaired the discussion. All agreed the development is not acceptable and no further action can be taken by the community. The development now faces the market.


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