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PlanningAlerts.org.au is a community based service that provides email alerts of planning applications for your area. Following some great work by the community volunteers, we are happy to announce that Planning Alerts now covers the Unley Council area. 

To use the system, simply click on the link to the PlanningAlerts.org.au website, enter your or another street address and click the “Search” button. This will display the most recent development applications within a 2 km radius of that address.

Click on one of the links for development applications and you can see summary information about the development application, plus a map of the location, and a link to Unley Council’s development application tracking system. You can use the reference number provided to find more details there. 

You can then put in your email address, if you want, and the system will email you the same information when it comes through. 

The information is updated from the Unley system daily.

Thanks again to the @OpenAustralia community and especially @maxious for developing this system and providing the capability. 

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