Early last Tuesday morning a hardy bunch of FOCUS members IMG_8616and supporters  gathered at the demolition site at 248 Unley Rd to protest the wanton destruction of 5 mature trees.

The planned development for the site, approved by the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP), will be seven storeys high, not the five required by Council; it will be ‘wall-to-wall’ concrete and glass with no trees, greening or open space; with inadequate parking provision which will see narrow Opey St overloaded, and traffic control onto Unley Rd will be chaotic.

All this at the direction of SCAP without regard to community concerns or Council regulations.
Is this the beginning of uncontrolled vertical sprawl development up and down Unley Rd.

Warren Jones




6pm to 8pm


If you do not attend another meeting this year attending this People’s Forum is a must! A lot depends on it and we simply must fill up all those 800 seats. We all want to see our heritage protected for future generations and by attending you will definitely be doing your part to do just that. Please attend and send a mighty message to The Premier, Minister for Planning and the SA Planning Commission.

Don’t mess with our Heritage – we do not want it demolished house by house and replaced by ‘little boxes made of ticky tacky’! Developers want to profit by demolishing our Heritage and the new planning laws look like they will allow them to do just that. Let’s send a really powerful message to the development industry and government – enough is enough – so please attend the forum.

This will be a real People’s Forum – not orchestrated or strictly controlled one. No need to submit questions beforehand so just come along and if you like ask a question! There is a great line up of speakers as you can see from the Protect Our Heritage People’s Forum flyer.

Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Impact of Climate Change on cities such as Unley

Unley Community Centre
18 Arthur Street Unley

Guest Speaker: Darren Ray
Senior Climatologist at SA Bureau of Meteorology

Question and answer session to follow the presentations.
A presentation not to be missed!

Following the presentation and discussion a light supper will be provided concluding with the Annual General Meeting for FOCUS where President’s and Treasurer’s reports will be presented and Committee of Management for 2019/2020 will be elected.

Nomination forms for the FOCUS Committee of Management are available from the Secretary; Mary Rumbold phone 0450 434 167 or the FOCUS website.


Wherever it can, FOCUS will lend its support to the KWR Traders and Unley Council during this difficult time.    You also need to be aware that the public utterances of Mark Clisby purporting to represent an ‘Unley Residents Association’ do not reflect the views or position of FOCUS.IMG_7449

The Unley Bicycle Users Group is organising a series of rides for those interested in the historic areas in the City of Unley. Suitable for all ages – families encouraged.

Rides are planned for the first weekend of the month with the first scheduled Saturday August 3rd. Meet in the car park behind the council offices at 9am and for those interested we will have coffee at La Scala Café at the conclusion of the ride around 10:30

If you bike has not been ridden for some time email David with your name and contact details to receive a voucher for a free bike safety check at “My Ride” on Unley road (note the safety check must be scheduled and does not include the cost of any repairs).

We will be joined on the first ride on Saturday August 3rd by Monica Broniecki councillor for the Unley Park Ward who will point out areas of interest in the Unley Park area.

image004The following information has been publicly shared by Michael Hewitson AM, Mayor for the City of Unley from David Brown – City of Unley Principal Policy Planner

Hi Michael

The attached is the information supplied to The Advertiser – 2005 is the early background survey not the latest which was in 2006-2012 and actual formalisation via a DPA in 2013/14?

  • Council undertook a broad ‘Heritage’ and ‘Character’ survey of the whole City in 2005 through Unley Urban Morphology Study and Unley Corridors and Centres Study.
  • Using the results of the study above that identified potential new places, the Unley Heritage Research Study in 2006 (updated through to 2012) provided a comprehensive evaluation of potential individual heritage places combined with a review of existing places.
  • These studies were used to inform the Local Heritage Places Development Plan Amendment given Interim Effect in January 2013 and final Authorised version January 2014 (first draft submitted to DPTI in 2010).

From initial list of approx. 190 LHP’s in 1996 the list was increased in 2013 to current approx. 350 listed places, and initial approx. 440 Contributory Items in 1992 was increased in 2008 to current 1760.


David Brown – City of Unley Principal Policy Planner


Dear Members, supporters and friends,

On behalf of FOCUS I have attempted, in The Messenger today, to refute some of the almost hysterical misinformation about the KWR upgrade.    Clearly, there are major disruptions but these have been minimised by Council’s responsible and careful approach to this necessary infrastructure project.

I walked up and down the road the other day and spoke with some of the Traders.  Their major plea was for support from the community during this difficult time.
I would urge you all to take an excursion to KWR (and you will be able to find a park adjacent to the strip), have a look at the amazing roadwork activity, and patronise the shops.    The Traders need our business, but, perhaps ,more importantly, they need a morale boost.

Yours Sincerely
Warren Jones.   President

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